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Construction is a constant in any major city, and pedestrians would be surprised to see the flurry of activity taking place overhead. With so much work occurring on scaffolding, it can only take a mishandled tool or other accident to put the people below at risk for significant injuries. One way that contractors lower the odds of a mishap is by working with a debris management service to catch things that might fall. Pacific Scaffold Co. Inc. has more than 50 years of experience providing platforms, nets and other safety equipment to builders in San Francisco, and we can help you create a safer space for your next project.

Protection for All Aspects of Your Job Site

When working in an urban environment, there’s always a possibility for an accident to affect innocent bystanders. Every project is different, which is why we offer a wide array of products to boost the safety and efficiency of your job:
  • Debris netting to catch falling objects
  • Pedestrian canopies for safe transit through an active work site
  • Waste disposal chutes to quickly transport unwanted materials down to dumpsters
We have decades of experience working with contractors on jobs of all sizes, and you can trust our installers to professionally erect and disassemble the right products to meet your needs.

Contact Us in San Jose and Marin County

Before you break ground on a project in Marin County, San Jose or San Francisco, contact Pacific Scaffold Co. Inc. to get the right components to keep people safe. Don’t put workers and bystanders at risk by neglecting to order these important safeguards. To arrange setup at your job site or learn more about our platform scaffolding installation process, call us at 415-333-0224 today.