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About Our Shrink Wrap Service

We provide full shrink wrap service with or without the use of our scaffolding support. Our team of experienced installers and managers will create a shrink wrap solution customized for your needs.
By using Pacific Scaffold for your shrink wrap needs, you not only will receive the same level of excellent service we provide for scaffolding, but you will also receive the benefit of streamlining your project as we will be your “single source” sub-contractor for both services.

Benefits of Shrink Wrap

Clean & Professional Appearance
Shrink wrap creates a clean & professional appearance for your project. For this reason, contractors and homeowners alike often choose to install shrink wrap on their public and high profile projects.
For many construction sites, the ability to contain dust and debris is vital yet challenging.  Our shrink wrap service has the solution. Not only is shrink wrap effective at containing dust and debris, it also helps minimize noise on the job site. Additionally, it blocks harmful UV rays while allowing natural light through the shrink wrap.
Preventing Weather Delays
Bad weather can prove challenging for any project. Our shrink wrap service, provides an enclosure for your project that protects both the job site and your employees from the elements. This protection will help in preventing scheduling delays, missed deadlines and damage to materials.
Low Maintenence
The heating process creates a drum tight, heavy duty enclosure. Unlike traditional tarps and plastic, this enclosure prevents flapping in the wind and self-destruction. The shrink wrap also has UV inhibitors which prevent it from breaking down due to exposure from the sun. If for some reason any holes do form, they are easily repaired with special shrink wrap adhesive .

Shrink Wrap Applications

  • Scaffolding Shrink Wrap
  • Temporary Roofs
  • Internal Partitions
  • Building Screens
  • Boats & Marine
  • Transportation
  • Asset Protection


  • Industrial Strength
  • 10 Mil. Thick
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Flame Retardant