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Scaffolding Laws in California

Scaffolding Image
Scaffolding is typically needed on most construction projects in the Golden State. Before you get started, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with California laws, so you do not have to shut down operations part way through.

Be Able to Hold All Weight

Scaffolds need to be capable of holding any amount of weight they might be under. That also entails ensuring there is no damage on the scaffold when it is set up. For example, metal scaffolding cannot be used if there is evidence of rust.

Be Securely Tied

Specific laws exist for how the scaffolding can be attached to the underlying structure. For example, no planks can be placed on top of a guardrail so that it can be higher up off the ground. A specific kind of iron wire needs to be used to keep it secure.

Coupler and Tubular Scaffolds

In addition to familiarizing yourself with standard scaffolds, you should also know about tubular and coupler scaffolds in the event your project requires those. These need to have their own special bracing, ribbons and ledgers used.
The law can get rather complicated, so make sure you read through all the related laws to fully understand what you need to know. Stay on the right side of the law, and get all the scaffolding you need at Pacific Scaffold Co. Inc.